Wednesday, January 17, 2007

And it keeps coming

More new lovely yarns are gracing the shelves at Knitique

First up Tofutsies This new sock yarn is from South West Trading Company. There are 15 new colors, all better than the last. One of the most unusual features of the yarn is it contains Chitin (made from Crab and Shrimp Shells). This substance has natural antibacterial properties. So if you've got spouse with "Stinky" feet, Tofutsies may help.

Second up Boku by Plymouth Yarn. This loosely spun yarn is very similar to Noro Kureyon/Silk Garden. 95% wool 5% Silk
Hand wash, dry flat
Or felt it!
50 grams - 99 yards.
4 stitches per inch on size 7 needles.
8 delicious colors. I'm already eyeing one color which has green, blue and brown to do Klaraluund. Wonder Woman's & Lifelong Knitters versions can be seen if you click on the link. I'm concerned about the stripes further enhancing my girls, but am determined to start knitting more items for myself. Saundra finished one last year, and it looks fabulous on her.

Come on in, and fondle the new yarns. Late Night every Wednesday night 6-8pm. Open knitting or crochet anytime the shop is open.


alltangledup said...

any feedback from people that have used this new sock yarn? it sounds like an interesting blend.. shrimp shells.. I wonder if people with allergies to shrimp should avoid it

Knitique Girl said...

I haven't heard that people with allergies should avoid it. I had a customer come in yesterday and ask the same thing. I've emailed the company to find out what they have to say about people being allergic.