Friday, September 28, 2007

I've got just word to say to you.....

Oh yea, you read that right. My order of Yarntini came trotting on in by the DHL man today. Poor Trip, our handsome UPS driver was sad we were cheating on him. You should have seen the stampede. Everyone wanted to open the box.

We've sold a substantial amount already but we definitely have some left. I'll post the colors tomorrow, but just wanted you to know, if you need your Yarntini fix...we might be able to help you.

We'll be open Saturday until 6pm, Sunday 12-4 and we are closed Monday.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Big Ass Bags

Last week I wanted to show you some of the newest bags we brought into the shop. But, by the next day, they were gone. Another shipment later, this morning, Trip delivered them. 1 bag is already sold out. I thought I'd post them quick before they all disappear.

These bags are perfect for knitting, Trader Joes, or taking it to IKEA so you don't have to pay the $.05 for bags. Some of the titles are a littel risque, but oh, so cute.

If you are HOT and FLASHY

You all know How I feel about Pink. This was the first one I grabbed.


Very vintage looking!

Does this bag make my ASS look big?

Every time I look at this bag it cracks me up.

Be the Big Boss Lady

Perfect for using as a Grocery Bag

Hella Cute Bag

And the Piece de Resistance

For the knitter that has everything.

"I need a half gram of wool and quick! I'm starting to come down...."

Just one of the cute quirky sayings on the side. The bags are fabulously priced at $12.50 and the Tin Bank $8.50. Up next time....the new lines, new yarns, and new vendors are coming in.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fine Felting Perfect for Christmas

A Gorgeous Stole created by Drin

As the weather is slightly turning, and the mornings are beginning to feel like Fall, we've got an incredible opportunity on Saturday Morning. Drin and her sister Carol of Hand in Hand will be doing their final workshop of the year this Saturday, teaching you the fine art of Wet Felting. these scarves are a perfect opportunity to create unusual pieces of art for your friends and family for Christmas. The beauty is it doesn't take quite as long as knitting something; but, is beautiful just the same.

See Everyone is still smiling after the class. I thought it was fabulous how different the creations were, even though we used the same base ingredients.

Here's all the DETAILS


On Saturday, September 15th, from 10am-1pm, Drin Welker and Carol Culp will teach FINE FELTING for beginners. Students will each go home with a fine felted scarf they have created. Drin and Carol are members of the Artisans’ Co-op in Bodega and have been creating felted items for about ten years.

The class will be held at Knitique, 8741 Elk Grove Boulevard, Elk Grove and will be limited to ten students. The fee for the class is $45 plus a $25 supplies fee. No knitting or crocheting skills are required.

Materials Provided by Instructors (students will take these with them to create other fine felting projects):
Heavy bubble wrap
PVC pipe
Silk Chiffon
Wool roving
Nylon net
T-shirt ties

Items for Students to Bring:
Couple of old bath towels
An old pillowcase that can get wet and discolored
Rubber gloves (if you don’t want your hands wet and soapy)
Bits of your favorite novelty yarn to use or trade
A 2-5 gallon size bucket
Wear comfortable clothes that can get wet and come ready to have fun and be creative!

Class size is limited. You must call by Thursday night to reserve your spot. 916.714.7719

Friday, September 07, 2007

Knit for a Cause

In the past few months, ever since the Citizen's did the article on our Chemo Cap Project, I've been moved to tears with the genorosity of both knitter's and crocheter's in our community and beyond. We have had a generous donation of yarns for our project, and I can't even tell you the amount of hats that are coming in. We have the sweetest elderly lady, who knits a minimum of 1 hat, and sometimes 2 hats a day. Every couple of weeks, either her granddaughter or her daughter comes in with the bag of finished hats, and we load her up with more soft, light colored yarns.

This Sunday from 12-4 is our Knit for a Cause. We knit chemo hats, preemies hats, squares for Warm Up America, and even Project Linus blankets. If you feel moved, please come join us. Just bring #9 16" Circulars, #9 double points, and an open heart. We have donated yarn for you to use, or you might dig through your stash and find some yarn you'd be willing to part with. If you don't have time to join us, think about us the next time you are destashing. We always in need for more yarn and will accept donations of any smooth, soft yarn. We are able to take other types of yarns as well and use them for blankets, and even squares. We have many participants who have the time to knit but not necessarily the finances to help.

Thanks to all who joined us tonight for Knit and Nosh. I Love, love, love this night. Danielle (Not me, Danielle the owner of this fabulous little shop, but, Danielle a friend/customer from Pollock Pines) surprised us with the fabulous news that she'll be expecting a little bundle of joy next year. We are so excited for her. If you missed last night and want to join us next month, it's always the first Friday of the month from 5-9pm. Bring your current project/problem and a dish to share. We'd love it have you join us.

Back to our Regular Scheduled Program

I know the blog has been MIA this summer. It's crazy the amount of work that goes into the shop, my family, and my friends. So the easiest thing to go was the blog, though I LOVE writing it.

There were many times during the summer, that I'd take a mental picture of something and think, "I should blog that". But, the thought stopped right there. We had a fabulous summer, and I am definitely looking forward to Fall knitting.

So here's to onward, upward, and more regular posts.

Big hugs to all of you in the Cyberworld!