Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Summer Hours

Effective June 5, 2007, Knitique will be closed on Mondays for the Summer. We'll be sipping Margarita's in the sunshine, knitting away on our current project. We hope you enjoy your summer with your families, knitting in the sunshine. We will be open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 1030-6, Wednesdays 1030-8 and of course Sundays 12-4.
Be sure to check our class schedule as we'll have some roadtrips planned for Mondays.

Keep your eyes peeled in your mail box for our 2nd anniversary celebration news.


Anonymous said...

Great photo!
I hope you enjoy the summer too. And has it already beeen two years?? Congrats on the anniversary!

Shelly said...

Please sign me up for the Knitique newsletter. I don't make it in very often as I live in Stockton but have been in a few times and would like to keep up on what's happening.

Tink1944 at comcast dot net

Shelly Heikkinen

Shelly said...

Ooops, forgot to say Congrats on your 2nd birthday!

Anonymous said...

Good for you, Danielle. My grandkids will love the extra time with you. Please send me 2 skeins of Louise Harding's dye lot 2 color 08 so I can finish Michelle's blanket.


Love and hugs =)

y love,Mom

Anonymous said...

I had to chuckle that our mom puts in an order over my sister's blog!
Danielle inspires all of us in one way or another!


Your sister Lisa Pizza