Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fine Felting Perfect for Christmas

A Gorgeous Stole created by Drin

As the weather is slightly turning, and the mornings are beginning to feel like Fall, we've got an incredible opportunity on Saturday Morning. Drin and her sister Carol of Hand in Hand will be doing their final workshop of the year this Saturday, teaching you the fine art of Wet Felting. these scarves are a perfect opportunity to create unusual pieces of art for your friends and family for Christmas. The beauty is it doesn't take quite as long as knitting something; but, is beautiful just the same.

See Everyone is still smiling after the class. I thought it was fabulous how different the creations were, even though we used the same base ingredients.

Here's all the DETAILS


On Saturday, September 15th, from 10am-1pm, Drin Welker and Carol Culp will teach FINE FELTING for beginners. Students will each go home with a fine felted scarf they have created. Drin and Carol are members of the Artisans’ Co-op in Bodega and have been creating felted items for about ten years.

The class will be held at Knitique, 8741 Elk Grove Boulevard, Elk Grove and will be limited to ten students. The fee for the class is $45 plus a $25 supplies fee. No knitting or crocheting skills are required.

Materials Provided by Instructors (students will take these with them to create other fine felting projects):
Heavy bubble wrap
PVC pipe
Silk Chiffon
Wool roving
Nylon net
T-shirt ties

Items for Students to Bring:
Couple of old bath towels
An old pillowcase that can get wet and discolored
Rubber gloves (if you don’t want your hands wet and soapy)
Bits of your favorite novelty yarn to use or trade
A 2-5 gallon size bucket
Wear comfortable clothes that can get wet and come ready to have fun and be creative!

Class size is limited. You must call by Thursday night to reserve your spot. 916.714.7719

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