Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Buzz at the Show

So it's been about 3 weeks since TNNA. My brain has stopped whirling, new products are already coming in.

The big buzz words at the show were Socks, Socks and did I mention Socks. Every company out there has either new lines, new colors or new fibers in sock yarn. Luckily for all of us at Knitique, we are ahead of the curve. Being sock addicts already we were so excited to see what's new. We ordered lots and I mean lots of new yarns, books, and accessories.

Just a sneek preview of what's new to the shop.... Opal Sock Yarn We brought in about a dozen lines of this great yarn. If you love patterning sock yarn this is perfect. We've also brought in many new patterns that use sock weight yarn, but are NOT socks! Susan just taught a Cables and Lace Class which was sold out within a day, and I can't even begin to tell you how beautiful the scarves turned out. One of my favorites was knit by SJ. She ended up using Panda Silk. The color combined with the drape was the perfect combination for this scarf.
We've also been bringing in LOTS of books. You all know how much I love books. Our more popular books have been Designer One Skein Wonders I love that with the help of this book you can use some of the more pricer yarns and end up with a beautiful finished project, perfect for gift giving or saving for yourself. Another given the current Trend is 2-at-a-time-Socks. Though this books is written for the Magic Loop method, it can easily be converted for 2 circulars which is my current favorite method of making socks. If you think making socks may tickle your fancy we've got 2 great sock classes this month. One on Friday night, doing a top down method, and another on Saturdays with Susan which is based on the book Crazy, Toes and Heels. Come on in and see what else is new this week at Knitique.

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