Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Magzines are here, the magazines are here.

The fall magazines have arrived, and can I tell you they are incredible. Cables, Cables, everywhere and tweed. I have always loved tweed yarns. I'm so excited that my fall line up of yarns will blend nicely with the patterns that we are seeing in the current magazines.

We've already ordered the yarn that will work perfectly with the cabled jacket that's on the cover of Interweave Knits. We won't be using the yarn they used, but we've got an excellent substitution, that we think will be even better. We were looking for a yarn that had excellent colors, soft and machine washable. Trish has her color already picked and I'm sure she'll be the first to finish. She's a whiz at starting and finishing projects, and I am constantly amazed at the consistency in her knitting and the beauty of her finished projects.
Come on in today and set your sights on your first Fall 2009 project.
If you are going to the movies today, come to the washcloth class today at 3, or stop by the shop before 530. We will be eating dinner at Kintaro's and then will be going to the 7pm show.

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