Friday, December 10, 2010

Special Delivery!!!

The UPS man brought us some wonderful yarns and goodies this morning!!! The Royal Alpaca is back and so soft and beautiful as usual! There are some new colors this time around too, so come on by and check them all out!

Also fresh off the truck are some new Cha Cha colors!! We got in some navy and cream, which are soooo beautiful!! These are gonna look fabulous all by themselves or with dune to make the vogue cha cha scarf. They are both easy and quick projects if you have someone on your list that needs a good gift. The nice thing about the yarn is they can be worn all year to add some glitz and glam to any outfit.

Knit Happy mugs are back and just waiting for some coffee, tea or hot chocolate. They come in purple, teal or orange and are a great gift idea. Also some recycled notebooks came in which is great for any knitter who wants to go green! They each have a pen and come in one of three colors; blue, green, or orange.

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Lisette said...

Hope I can get down soon before all the fabulous new items are gone!!!