Thursday, February 02, 2012

Have you Yelped?

I was wondering, if there are any of you who would mind writing a recommendation on our wonderful Yarn Boutique on Facebook, if you look to the right and look down you'll see the place and MOST especially if you could write a review on Yelp, that would be great.

I know we've got a ton of fans who love us, so spread the love, and write a quick review about your Local Favorite Yarn Boutique.  LFYB.

What's in it for you?  Bring in a copy of your Yelp review and we will give you a signature on your FREE Insatiable Knitter's and Crocheters Card.  We'll keep the yarn flowing.


Hi Everyone.  I appreciate all the reviews that were done on Yelp.  Unfortunately due to their restrictions, I can not compensate anyone even with a signature for writing a review.  In fact they filtered the new reviews out.  If you'd still like to review Knitique and other great places on Yelp, you know where to go.  Thanks for all the support peeps.

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