Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Who Dreams in Color?

It’s time to get yourself signed up for 6 more months of gorgeous yarn and fun patterns in  Dream in Color's Dream Club! This is our third year of participating, and we've had  many of you have been asking about when this year's club starts.

The shipments will go out the first week in September, October, November, December, January and February. The prices ranges from $35 – $45 per month (plus applicable tax and shipping), depending on the yarn base featured that month. Just a hint: September's yarn has cashmere in it. We've talked to Veronica about some of the new yarns they have coming up this year for the club, and you’re sure to love them! Plus, they seem to come up with  the most amazing colors especially for their Dream Club yarns. This is a great way to get some beautiful things knit up for gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

We don’t require payment ahead of time. We will email you or call you when the shipment is ready each month and we will take payment at that time. This signup is only for people who are committing to purchasing all six months of shipments.  If you’d like to sign up for six months of fun give us a call at 916.714.7719 or email us at knitique@gmail.com

If you think you might just want a couple of the different months worth of yarn, wait until we put them up on the website each month. We’ll order some extra so that there is additional skeins available while they last.

Some of our favorite projects from last year are featured in the photo.

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