Monday, June 15, 2015

10th Anniversary Sale

For our 10th birthday we have an incredible sale from Tuesday, June 16th through Sunday, June 21st
Everyone has the opportunity to get up to 100% off your entire order* We've got discounts from 15-100% off your entire purchase. You have a 50% chance of getting 20% off your total. There are more than a dozen opportunities to get 50% to 100% off your entire purchase. Additionally all sale items and sale kits will be 40% off the original prices. We have more than a 100 kits we've clearanced out.

When you get to the register you can decide to take part in the guarantee of 20% off,  or chance it to get up to 100% off.

Here's how it works: Our 10-step program
Step one: Grab a basket
Step two: Grab your loot
Step three: Make a beeline to the cash register.
Step four: Wait your turn, I know it's exciting and you can't wait to see what kind of discount you'll get.
Step five: Have the cute, thin sales clerk ring up your purchases.
Step six: Make a choice,  Guaranteed 20% off or Chance it. If you Chance it... you will Pick your freshly made no-calorie cupcake, turn it over, and reveal your birthday discount.
Step seven: Jump up and down with joy, as you reveal your large discount.
Step eight: Watch as your bill shrinks and your wallet stays full as we subtract your discount.
Step nine: Pay for your purchases. We accept everything, Cash, Check or Charge.
Step ten: If you dare, rinse and repeat.

Disclaimer: * Alright people here are the little details. All Yarn, books, bags, kits are on sale. Needles are excluded. All purchases are FINAL. No signatures on insatiable knitter's cards will be given. No additional discounts will be given. If you need your yarn wound, please bring it back at a later date. We'd love to wind it for you. If you need knitting help during this time, you are welcome to call to make an appointment, or sign up for our wonderful, community recognized classes.

Don't forget our 10th Birthday party at the home of Diane Lewis on Saturday, June 20th from 4-8pm. Please make sure to give us a call and RSVP with what you want to bring. (916) 714-7719  We can't wait to see you for an afternoon of food, friends, knitting and fun.

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