Thursday, March 01, 2007

Head Bows down in Shame

Okay, I know it's been a while. But we've been really crazy at Knitique this last few weeks. Even though I haven't been posting lots of new goodies have arrived in the shop. I've taken some pictures and will start uploading them later today.

Yarn goodness, Needles and Patterns are everywhere.

I promise we'll be better.

I was wondering though, how often do you think a blog should be updated? Post a comment, let me know what you'd like to see here.
I love to frequent blogs that are updated everyother day or more. Call me nosy, but I love to see what's new in the knitting world.

Coming up soon.... I've almost got a finished object. I'll give more details later.


ByJane said...

I think every couple of days or so. But they don't have to be long posts--just a photo would be good too. Something that lets people know that someone is home.

PS I was going to come to K&N, but I'm coming down with something chest-related (hmmmmm!)

Anonymous said...

Hello Sister of mine,
I feel like you will get a bigger following by posting 2-3 times a week. I will send you lots of images and all you have to do is put a post out about life and you will get the following! You are doing a wonderful job! YOu impower me and many other women! xo Lisa