Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's Just Like Costco

I've heard this phrase about a dozen times in the last few weeks as the new Spring lines keep flowing in. I thought it was rather funny sentiment, until it happened to me.

On Monday, Joann was unpacking the New Spring order from Della Q. She said as fast as she was pulling the packages out, people were buying them, even before she could get them priced. Now, all of you who know Joann, know she LOVES a fine bag. I know, whatever bags I order, Joann, will buy at least one, the funkier, the more artsy the better. She left me a sad note, asking where's her bag. Not to be deterred I reordered on Tuesday. Today, I received more, loving the new line, and earmarking one for myself. By the end of today, I have one left. By the end of class tonight, I had people who wanted more but didn't want to take the last one. You see, they know what's it's like to want to see the "new" item and it be gone. So, don't worry fairhearts... I've ordered more yet again, they should be here Monday. Want to see? I present to you...


As always with Della, you can count on top quality goods. Notice the knit straw on the sides, shell buckle, and silk. There are also 6 purse feet on the bottom to protect the straw from getting dirty. The beauty of this bag, is it's not just a knitting bag, it's a gorgeous Spring Bag. A perfect accessory for the upcoming Spring.


For all you Purple girls, they are currently sold out. Don't worry though, we're on the list to get them when she gets them in.

The Fabulous Insides

The inside fabric will vary. But each one is more beautiful then the last.

Feel free to call and reserve one. Knitique 916.714.7719. Remember, we ship Daily, so if you aren't one of our local customers, we can easily get one to you.

Want more? As I opened my email today, there was an article from Knitter's Review about the next Della Q product. Clara, reviewed circular needle storage items and has given the Que a great review.

The Que

Color Choices

The Inside View

I love that there are numbered tags.

So what do YOU like in a bag? What are your favorite fibers? Favorite Features? Inquiring minds want to know....

Come on in and see, what's New for Spring... Get excited, fabulous fiber, great patterns, and a fun place to hang out. We can't wait to see you.


HiFiDi said...

Wow! I need to get me one of them thar bags! I'll pick one out tormorrow after class ;).

(Am I the first to leave a comment?)

Erica said...

Those bags are SO's probably a good thing I don't live there any more! I'd have so much trouble deciding that I'd probably leave with two or three!

Miss you! Thanks for the info about the Yarntini...I'll be bugging you when you get the next shipment. :)

caitlyn said...

The bags are super cute! Now I'm tempted to buy one. The feet on the bottom are a real plus.

Rev. Linda said...

I'm still dreaming about those bags....the green one of course.
Got your message re: Circ Bag to match my set. Indeed I HAD found one online but....I DID NOT stray from my LYS and have saved my $$$ for you - WHEW! Trying to come Wednesday night....

Linda DH