Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finished Object Friday

Everyday we have customers that come in with their finished projects. I normally take a picture, print it and put the picture in the album we have for the shop. I thought every Friday, I'd show you all just a few of the wonderful projects our customers have knit. We have a talented group of people both men and women, and I hope you get inspired just like I do each and every day.

Sara just finished the Sideways Baby Sweater from a class that Paula taught in the shop. This is a perfect example of how to use sock yarn to the most of it's potential. Check back soon for the next class Paula will be teaching.

Well I've got many more to share, but it looks like the computer won't recognize the pictures. So many, many more to come next week on Finished Object Friday.


ByJane said...

Love the idea of Finished Object Friday, henceforth to be known as FOFriday, a variation of TGIF.

This coming Friday, which is I think, Knit and Knosh Friday as well as FO Friday, I would like to have a Chocolate Tasting. I've been given five nice sized bars of Ghiradelli chocolate to try and I'd like to bring them in and have the gang "taste" them, a la a wine tasting. Kay?

BTW, I don't check Ravelry that often which is why I missed the Bee Movie. Your blog comes straight to my reader as soon as you post. Just sayin'.....

BTW2, glad your FIL is doing well. He's pretty cool looking!

ByJane said...

Just checked my deadline for the chocolate tasting and see that doing it Friday is too late. So how about Wednesday evening????