Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A skein of a Thousand of Colors

I'm so excited to let you know the first shipment of the delicious yarn by Punta Del Estes arrived in the store today. It sold hot and heavy, but luckily I had bought so much of each color that there are still sweater quantities of every color in the shop. Feast your eyes on the pictures and you'll see just a few of the colors I ordered. We've got more lines from this company coming in next month. I KNOW you'll LOVE this yarn. It's gorgeous and soft.

The majority of the yarn is a hand-painted version, which is extremely time consuming but incredibly beautiful to look at. There are so many different options to be made with this yarn.

I'll be offering a FREE class for Fun Furlough Friday where we will be using a skein or two of this yarn to make a gorgeous scarf. Buy 3 skeins and you'll be able to create 2 scarves. We will be offering this FREE class on Friday, August 7th from 3-6pm and Tuesday, August 25th 6-8pm. This is a really fun pattern, not to challenging, and honestly, just a beautiful project for this yarn. It's one of those projects where the marriage between the yarn and the pattern work out perfectly. Come into the shop and see our latest creation.

Here are some other projects that would be perfect for this yarn.
Men's Ribbed Pullover

The Top Sweater is called Cherie Amour by Ashley Adams Moncrief, and the bottom sweater is Bubble by Norah Gaughan. Both are a delicious representation of what this yarn is capable of.

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heartgirl said...

Hi Danielle,
I do love this yarn!! I have it front of me as we speak or type.....I showed it to Scott and he (an 18 year old) thought it was pretty darn cool. The more I look at it the more amazed I am with the whole process that went into making this incredible yarn. Thanks for insisting you get the goods sooner than later. See you soon, Diane