Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dreaming in Color

Dream in Color

One of my all time favorite yarns has made it's way back into the shop. I love the springiness of the yarn. The way it holds the shape of cables, and the stitch definition. I love that it Doesn't pool, stripe, zig or zag. It's perfect for those who want to have a little more control over the color work in their projects. Did I mention it's a Super wash and holds up incredible well in the washer. And, there is more it is spun and dyed in the good old United States of America. This year when I went to TNNA, I was on the hunt for products produced here in the United States. If you've been in the store, we are well rounded and carry yarns from all over the world, but we are especially proud of the merchandise we purchase from men and women here in our country.

Clara Parkes from Knitter's Review said this about Dream in Color
"A common issue with hand-dyed yarns is the way in which colors can stack on top of each other from row to row. Sometimes they can do this in a way that creates strange amoeba-like globs of color "pools" along the fabric surface. But the variegation in Dream in Color yarns moves so swiftly from hue to hue that the colors flicker more than they pool. Bottom line: Dream in Color provides a limited line of really good super wash wool yarns that are hand-dyed in rich and fruity, subtly variegated colors that don't cost a mint and will make knitters happy."

Here is just one of the projects done with Dream in Color it is "Tulip Cardigan" made famous by Stephanie Pearl McPhee. It's a top down sweater perfect for the little ray of sunshine in your life. If you've got a little boy, they even have a sweater called "The Rocket" which is perfect for the perfect little man.
Need us to ship. Not a problem. We ship daily anywhere in the world and will even wind your yarn for you. It's free for you for us to wind, no additional charge. It's our pleasure to do it for you.

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