Thursday, February 24, 2011

Great Washing System for Hand Knit Projects.

Ever wondered how to go about washing your hand knit projects? Maybe unsure of what kind of soap or detergent to use? Well we have the answer for you! Unicorn Fiber has put out a wash and rinse system to use for all of your knitted garments. The wash removes the dirt and oil while the rinse acts as a softener to condition the fiber. The fibers hold up better and last longer when they are conditioned. We knit up pairs of socks on the machine and washed and rinsed them with the system and they came out so much softer than pairs we didn't wash at all. The rinse has a slight lavender scent that is so faint you can't really smell it once the item is dry. So there aren't any over the top perfumes, which is great for people with allergies or those of us who just want a clean smell and no perfume.

We have many sizes too in case you want to start small to just try it out and then graduate up to the big bottles if you really like it. Samples start at $1.25 and the two sets are $8.55 for 4oz bottles or $34.10 for the 16oz bottles. The sets come with a single bottle of the wash and a single bottle of the rinse. We take orders over the phone too and ship daily if you don't live locally and want to try this product. (916) 714-7719

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