Friday, October 05, 2007

Special Knit for a Cause

October is breast cancer awareness month. In honor of this, and in the hopes of making more people aware of early detection we will be having a special Knit for a Cause this Sunday, at Elk Grove Park, at the Elk Grove's Annual Giant Pumpkin and Harvest Festival. Please feel free to bring your US #9 16 inch circulars as well as #9 Double Points and help create a gift of love, a gift of your time, and a gift of warmth to someone going through the rigors of chemotherapy or radiation.

It has been our honor to take part in this special Cause. We've got a great team of regular knitters and crocheters that churn out hats faster than I can say "Bob's my Uncle" We would love for more people to join us, either through knitting, crocheting, or even donating some of your soft warm stash. Since the weather is turning, and it seems like it's going to be a doozy of a winter, the need will be even greater for soft warm hats. Lately, we've been doing more hats for men. Apparently, there is a shortage of hats for manly, man hats. If it touches your heart, we've got a place for you at this table.

When going to the Harvest Festival, we will be right next to the News 10 booth, so we'll be easy to spot. Look for Pink and Green, and wear something pink to help bring awareness to Breast Cancer.

Knit On!!!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Come Nosh and Knit with Us Friday 5-9pm

With the start of the Fall weather, it's time to get out your knitting, and come join us for Knit and Nosh this Friday night from 5-9pm. Bring a dish, drink, or dessert to share, and join our community of knitters. With all the new Fall yarns coming in you are sure to be inspired.

This year knitting is continuing to thrive. Scarves by the dozens are being made. Most have a detailed stitch. Patsy one of our daily knitters, just finished a Basketweave made out of Autumno, a gorgeous self striping wool blend. Quick simple, with just enough patterning to keep you awake. Now she's off making a Scarf from Scarf Style using Plymouth Sinsation. It doesn't get more luxurious then this. Let us help you find a project, perfect for your needs, so you can get a jump start on your Christmas Knitting.

One of my favorite Christmas gifts is a hand knit washcloth and a bar of handmade soap. In honor of this, we've got another FREE class for you to take. You read that right FREE. Come into the shop, pick up a schedule and see how quickly you knit up a half dozen of these babies.

We've been keeping Trip very busy with loads, and loads of New Lines, and New Companies coming in this week. Plus we've brought in a new line of Bamboo needles that go down to a 9inch circular. It definitely takes some getting used to but let me tell you, you can almost eliminate double points with these babies.