Friday, February 25, 2011

Magic Side to Side Sweater

Magic Sweater

Our March Sweater class is a Magic Side to Side Cardigan. This is a fairly easy sweater done in one piece. We've modified the pattern to make the seaming even easier. This is the PERFECT sweater to learn the fine art of seaming. Why do we call it the Magic Sweater. It's because it looks good on any body type. There aren't many sweaters that look good whether you are 125 lbs or even 225 lbs.

One of the reasons it looks so good is if you use a variegated yarn the stripes are vertical and not horizontal. This style of striping makes the sweater more flattering. Some great yarn choices we have in the shop would be Dream in Color Classy. This company has both variegated and nearly solid choices that would make a fabulous sweater. We also have Lorna's Laces Shepard's Wool. Come on in and ask us about all the great yarns we have to choose from.

The Magic Side to Side Cardigan will start on Tuesday March 8th from 10-12 Noon and will continue on the 15th, 22nd and 29th. The second session will be on a Friday night for all of our workers. The night class starts Friday March 18th from 6-8 with the classes continuing on March 25th, April 8th, and April 15th. The four class series will be $80.00 plus your supply cost. You do get a 10% discount off all supplies if you are taking a class.

Call ahead and reserve your spot early at 916.714.7719

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Great Washing System for Hand Knit Projects.

Ever wondered how to go about washing your hand knit projects? Maybe unsure of what kind of soap or detergent to use? Well we have the answer for you! Unicorn Fiber has put out a wash and rinse system to use for all of your knitted garments. The wash removes the dirt and oil while the rinse acts as a softener to condition the fiber. The fibers hold up better and last longer when they are conditioned. We knit up pairs of socks on the machine and washed and rinsed them with the system and they came out so much softer than pairs we didn't wash at all. The rinse has a slight lavender scent that is so faint you can't really smell it once the item is dry. So there aren't any over the top perfumes, which is great for people with allergies or those of us who just want a clean smell and no perfume.

We have many sizes too in case you want to start small to just try it out and then graduate up to the big bottles if you really like it. Samples start at $1.25 and the two sets are $8.55 for 4oz bottles or $34.10 for the 16oz bottles. The sets come with a single bottle of the wash and a single bottle of the rinse. We take orders over the phone too and ship daily if you don't live locally and want to try this product. (916) 714-7719

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Late Night Knitting

Tonight is late night knitting till 8pm at the Boutique. Bring in all of your unfinished projects to work on, we will have a teacher to help or one of the girls can help you with quick fixes. We have an all skills class tonight as well from 6-8pm so if you are having some big problems with your projects help is available. If you just need some time away from responsibilities then tonight is a great time for some socializing and knitting. We hope to see you all tonight!

Who doesn't need a little bit of Glitz and Sparkle?

New to Knitique this week is another gorgeous yarn from one of my Favorite designer yarn companies, Tilli Tomas. Symphony Lace with Beads and Glitter. It's incredibly soft, comprised of Mohair, Silk, Nylon and Wool. It comes with an astounding yardage of 345 yds.
I've got a great 1 skein project for a wider scarf, or you can make 2 skinnier versions from one skein. The colors are rich black, gold, silver, turquoise and burgundy to name a few. The pattern is not quite mindless, but just enough to keep your brain functioning.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

About 2 years ago, the most gorgeous sheep bags were being sent to the United States from our friend JoAnn. It's taken me a while to locate where I could get the sheep from.

I'm so excited to bring another line of amazing sheep products in. These make the perfect gift for your friend, or something a little special for yourself. The humor is definitely a little tongue in cheek. But what I've seen from my knitters, is you all tend to be a little on the "naughty" side.

So, if you happen to see something you'd like us to bring into Knitique, please let us know. We will do our best to meet your needs, and as you can see we don't give up.

We ship daily. So, if you don't live near our Yarn Boutique, just give us a ring at 916.714.7719 and we'd love to put something in the mail for you.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New at the Boutique

We have some new Circular Needle cases with sheep embroidered on the front. When you un-zip the case there are great little bags to put your circular needles. Each case is made of canvas and has a great cushioned handle. These are very light weight and perfect for traveling or just to stash your needles in your knitting bag.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Closing Early Today

We will be closing early today at 5 o'clock. We will be reopening at Noon tomorrow. We've had a ton of new merchandise in this week, pictures to follow.

Friday, February 18, 2011

New Magazines

We've continued to have a ton of new merchandise come in this week, and It's starting to feel a little bit like spring with the arrival of Interweave Knit's Spring Magazine. Consistently in the last few years this has been one of our favorite magazines.

Yesterday, the girls and I were looking through the magazines, deciding our favorites and thinking about which classes we were going to teach. Unlucky for us is Susan and I both started on a sweater earlier in the week. But not to worry, we will be finished VERY soon, and the new Spring Sweater knitting will commence. The Green Sweater I posted happens to be my favorite. Partly due to the fact that it reminds me of the Shirred scarf I designed.

Be sure to click on THE LINK to see the projects in the newest Spring Magazine. If you get a chance go to Facebook, like us and join us on our discussion of what will be our first Spring Sweater. I've got mine chosen, now I'm just waiting for the yarn.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Luck of the Irish

This Saturday February 19th from 3-6pm we are hosting the free washcloth class

This Saturday we are going to knit a lucky Irish Washcloth. Hopefully when we are all done there will be a pot of gold waiting for us at the end. We've brought in some gorgeous greens especially for this class, so you've got lots of great choices to make. This is a FREE class from 3-6pm.

Please call and reserve your space early (916) 714-7719.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's New At The Boutique?

Late night knitting is upon us once again this week. We will be open until 8pm for all you late night knitters who need a relaxing atmosphere. Wednesday couldn't have come at a better time this week because we had a lot of shipments come in within the last few days.

Some great new Lorna's Laces for all of you sweater knitters. There are some great new colors, some of our favorites include Passion and Lakeview. These of course make great sweaters for any age because the yarn is machine washable, dry-able. This would make a great February Lady sweater if you joined the class this month, or even the Baby Leaf sweater for that special little one.

We had some fabulous NEW books come in as well. One of our favorites is called Strick-ly Socks by Candace Eisner Strick. This is a great book for all of you sock enthusiasts, not only are there beautiful patterns but also great new ideas for heels. She has a wonderful way of breaking down each part of the sock so even beginners can grasp the idea of how to knit a pair of socks.

And saving the best for last... A new DK weight yarn from Jo Jo Land came in this week too! The picture above doesn't even begin to show how many different colors they have!! The best part is the price only $5.50 for 220 yards, what a deal!! This yarn will make beautiful baby sweaters or blankets as well as a casual summer top or cardigan for yourself.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in the next few days and especially tonight for late night knitting!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dreaming in Color

Dream in Color

One of my all time favorite yarns has made it's way back into the shop. I love the springiness of the yarn. The way it holds the shape of cables, and the stitch definition. I love that it Doesn't pool, stripe, zig or zag. It's perfect for those who want to have a little more control over the color work in their projects. Did I mention it's a Super wash and holds up incredible well in the washer. And, there is more it is spun and dyed in the good old United States of America. This year when I went to TNNA, I was on the hunt for products produced here in the United States. If you've been in the store, we are well rounded and carry yarns from all over the world, but we are especially proud of the merchandise we purchase from men and women here in our country.

Clara Parkes from Knitter's Review said this about Dream in Color
"A common issue with hand-dyed yarns is the way in which colors can stack on top of each other from row to row. Sometimes they can do this in a way that creates strange amoeba-like globs of color "pools" along the fabric surface. But the variegation in Dream in Color yarns moves so swiftly from hue to hue that the colors flicker more than they pool. Bottom line: Dream in Color provides a limited line of really good super wash wool yarns that are hand-dyed in rich and fruity, subtly variegated colors that don't cost a mint and will make knitters happy."

Here is just one of the projects done with Dream in Color it is "Tulip Cardigan" made famous by Stephanie Pearl McPhee. It's a top down sweater perfect for the little ray of sunshine in your life. If you've got a little boy, they even have a sweater called "The Rocket" which is perfect for the perfect little man.
Need us to ship. Not a problem. We ship daily anywhere in the world and will even wind your yarn for you. It's free for you for us to wind, no additional charge. It's our pleasure to do it for you.