Thursday, August 27, 2009

Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Pssssst....look to the right~

I'm so excited, I was able to put the new classes on the website the FIRST time. Look to the right, fabulous new classes, even before the first. I'll be putting up descriptions and picture later this week.

Call quick as we are filling up fast.

916 714 7719

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Magzines are here, the magazines are here.

The fall magazines have arrived, and can I tell you they are incredible. Cables, Cables, everywhere and tweed. I have always loved tweed yarns. I'm so excited that my fall line up of yarns will blend nicely with the patterns that we are seeing in the current magazines.

We've already ordered the yarn that will work perfectly with the cabled jacket that's on the cover of Interweave Knits. We won't be using the yarn they used, but we've got an excellent substitution, that we think will be even better. We were looking for a yarn that had excellent colors, soft and machine washable. Trish has her color already picked and I'm sure she'll be the first to finish. She's a whiz at starting and finishing projects, and I am constantly amazed at the consistency in her knitting and the beauty of her finished projects.
Come on in today and set your sights on your first Fall 2009 project.
If you are going to the movies today, come to the washcloth class today at 3, or stop by the shop before 530. We will be eating dinner at Kintaro's and then will be going to the 7pm show.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Classes available

The class schedule is up and running.

Okay, you think it'd get easier each month, but it's not. When you only do something once a month, it's hard for it to stick in your brain. So for all your girls and guys out there who can't remember how to Kitchener, I promise I won't give you a bad time, when you need my cheat sheet.

Look to the right, click on the link, and see what an incredible class line up we have. We've got our incredibly successfull All Skills Classes, plenty of Origami Classes, and at the end of the month we are starting another round of Liesl classes. I'm currently making my second one out of the gorgeous Punta del Estes Merino Twist. I can't wait for the other lines to arrive. The owners of the company are so pleasant to deal with. You couldn't ask for more from a small independant company.

We've had so many finished projects coming in the doors. You wouldn't believe how gorgeous the Pleated Tee came out. We taught our first classes in June and they are gorgeous. Each of the original students have finished or are working on finishing their first one, and I have 3 students who have made 2 and are working on their 3rd. The fit, and look is really incredible. When I get a chance I'll upload them to the shop. Didn't get to catch the class the first and second go-round? Not to worry, you can take our All Skills classes and learn how to make this delicous and really flattering top.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Origami Deluxe

I think we have broken the record of wonderful talented knitters who will be making the Origami Sweater designed by Linda Daniels. I have to say NONE of the pictures that you see on Ravelry give justice to the pure genius design of this sweater. At the last count we have 42 knitters making this. It honestly doesn't get any easier. Two rectangles, simple stitch pattern, 4 seams, and voila you get the most cheeky design. Dolman sleeves, scooped back ... delicious. It's what I call Couture Knitting.
We are still placing orders for the kits, you'll have to come drop it, check out the samples cards, and order what works best for you. We've got a card full of beautiful Melange colors (what I would call heathered) and 3 tiers of beautiful solids. Probably about 80 colors to choose from in all. And NO, I'm not exaggerating.
If you'd like to join in on the newest knitting sensations, please stop by or give us a call. We'd love to have you join in for your next "Favorite" sweater.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Knit and Nosh Friday night

Come on down, you are the next contestant to come to this Fridays, monthly knitting event Knit and Nosh. As I'm sure you are all aware, we love coming to the shop, knitting and if a little bit of food and drink are mixed in it's even better.

Place: The most incredible Knitique

Time: 5-9pm

When: Friday, August 7th

What to bring: a food or drink to share, and your most fun, knitting project.

We can't wait to see you . Be there or be square.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Movie Night or should I say Movie Nights

It's a little late of a notice on the blog, but in my defense it's been on the schedule all this month. We've got movie night tonight. Meet us at the shop at 6pm. We are going out to Dos Coyotes for dinner and then off to United Artist on Centerpark Way and Bruceville to see the romantic comedy, "The Ugly Truth."

Can't make tonight, no worries, there are so many fabulous movies out this month that we will be having another movie night, next Saturday, August 8th. We are going to see Julie & Julia. Again, come meet us at the shop for dinner and movies. Depending on which movie theatre it's playing at we will go to dinner either before or after the movies.

Thanks to everyone who came to the washcloth class. We filled the house once again. I brought a delicious Lemon Cake from home, and Cora brought delicious cupcakes from Baby Cakes. Our next washcloth class will be on Saturday, August 22nd at 3-6 pm.

Also, thanks to Beth, she's agreed to help me teach the Fun Furlough Friday, next Friday, August 7th from 3-6pm. We originally had filled the class, yep girls that fast, but because of Beth's generous offer, we will be able to add another 8 to the class. I'll be at the shop tomorrow from 12-4 so come on in, or give me a call to reserve your spot.