Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And the Signups Keep Coming

Remember the Gorgeous Shirred Scarf? One of the projects for the FREE Thanksgiving weekend classes? Well so far we've filled 3 classes worth. I feel bad that not everyone has had an opportunity to sign up, so I've created one more class for those who still want to take it. It will be THIS THURSDAY, November 20th from 9-1030am. I know it's before the shop opens, and I know it's before Thanksgiving weekend. But honestly, y'all, it's the only time slot I had open without kids, and before I have to make a bunch of food for Thanksgiving. You still need to call and reserve a spot at 916-714-7719. We've got about 4 spots available. All you need to know is how to easily cast on, knit, purl, and k2tog, I'll teach you the rest. Can't wait to see you!
P.S. Shout outs to Ann and JoAnn. I hope you both are having a GREAT time. Can't wait to hear about it when you come back.


heartgirl said...

Hi Danielle,
You are awesome. Can't wait to take the scarf class before hours on Thursday. The Flutter Away scarf has AGAIN gotten the best of me. ARGH!! Tomorrow is another day and I will get it whipped into shape. Thank you for being so patient and helping me with this "easy" project!! I enjoy reading all the upcoming happenings at Knitique - such fun.

Knitique Girl said...

Thanks Diane. I appreciate the comments. I'm enjoying writing on the blog. Wish I had more time to write more often. I'm glad the new Shirred Scarf pattern worked out well for you. Don't worry you'll be whipping that darn Flutter Scarf into shape instead of it whipping you into shape.

heartgirl said...

I am already getting a hang of it. I've been working on it (without the TV on) for nearly an hour and haven't made even one mistake:). It's nice to hear that I wasn't alone in my frustration - maybe that helped get me over the hump. See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...
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