Monday, November 17, 2008

Pay it Forward

On Friday, while unpacking a jam packed box full of Classic Elite Watercolor, for one of our FREE Thanksgiving weekend classes, I came across a flyer explaining that the company is having a sale this month on two of their most popular lines, Duchess and Princess. On Saturday, Beth my fellow partner in crime was in the shop teaching a class on the Clapotis when I slipped her the flyer on all the details. After the class we pondered what could be made with this great yarn. We looked through our short list, we looked through our long list.

We found several great ideas in the new book Classic Elite Knits. I'll be using Princess to make this gorgeous sweater by Bonne Marie of Chic Knits. I'll be doing the lace version to add a little pep to my step. I love stockinette stitch, but too much can be a little booooorrrriiiinnnnggggg. For my size it takes just under 10 skeins so it will be perfect for this yarn. Not in love with that pattern? Try this one, this one and even this one. With it being a worsted weight, there are a kazillion patterns out there that will be perfect for this yarn.

Princess is the lighter version of the cashmere blend family. Garments in this gauge make great every-day wearables, or layer it with heavier items in Duchess for the latest look. The great hand and matching colors that coordinate with Duchess are great for every knitter. Product
40% Merino, 28% Viscose, 10 Cashmere, 7% Angora, 15% Nylon
Handling: handwash cold, dry flat
Colorways 29: Check them out HERE
Gauge :5 sts/ inch on #7 needles
Skeins/Garment :7/LS
Put up :ball
Skein Weight :50 grams
Skein Yardage :150

Duchess is the bulkier version of our cashmere blend yarn. It can be used on its own or paired with its partner, Princess. Use for layering, combining, or by itself. The beautiful range of colors, not to mention the great hand in this cashmere blend makes it a yarn that you're going to love.

40% Merino, 28% Viscose, 10% Cashmere, 7% Angora, 15% Nylon
Handling :handwash cold, dry flat
Colorways: 29 Check the out HERE
Gauge :3½ sts/inch on #10½ needles
Skeins/Garment :10/LS
Put up :ball
Skein Weight :50 grams
Skein Yardage :75

We even found a few sweaters to do out of Duchess. Check out this one and that one. I'll be making the latter. Since it's a bulkier yarn, I don't want too much stitch pattern to detract from my curves.

So in honor of the movie "Pay it Forward" I'm doing just that. Order a full bag of Princess or Duchess and get either for $88.00/bag which is equivalent to $8.80/skein. I will be placing the order with Classic Elite on Friday so be sure to come in, or call in to order your bags today. Don't live in our local area? Don't worry, you can order the sale yarn too, and I'll ship it to you for only $5.00/bag. Order more and we'll combine shipping. Give us a call at 916 947 1463. Our store hours are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 1030-6, Wednesday 1030-8 and Sunday 12-4. Classic Elite says stock is limited to what's onhand, so I want to strike while the iron is hot, or the shelves are full of yarn.

Now for the small print: All orders must be paid in full at time of ordering, All special orders are Final Sale, and no additional discounts or signature on the Insatiable Knitter's Card will be given on these yarns.


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Hey,'ve moved into a new stage with your writing. Kinda like when you get fair isle cables down pat. In other words, you're writing like a pro--

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Knitique Girl said...

well thank you Jane. That is definitely a compliment. Much appreciated.

See you on Wednesday. Miss Mary said she was going to come.