Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Get Down and Dirty!

What a time of year it is. I know I'm pulled in a million different directions. This year the theme for the Thanksgiving Weekend Free Class Extravaganza is Fast and Fabulous! I'm sure like me, most of you want to give those on your shopping list, a wonderful handmade gift. Unfortunately, I'm sure you all are like me, and there just isn't enough hours in the day to knit something for everyone. Well that's about to change, have I got some projects for you.

First up, a beautiful, simple yet classic design that would be perfect for either a man or a woman. It's up to you to choose the yarn that will make this scarf either dressy or a nice comfortable scarf for those who live in the cool weather, or those of us in California who get to travel to the cool weather. Make it out of Rayon, or cotton and you'll have a scarf year round for the balmy weather folks.

We've filled 2 classes so far, and I've opened up another section on Saturday, November 29th from 6-7:30pm. In this class you'll learn all the basics to finishing this scarf. Come on in today, touch it, look at it, or (if you are like me) even smell it. Give us a call at 916-947-1463 to sign up. We've got a few spots left in the third class. You'll be glad you've signed up for this class. When you sign up, I'll give you a list of supplies, plus I'll show you some of the beautiful yarns, that will be just perfect for this beautiful scarf. Come on in while the selection is still hot, hot, hot!


ByJane said...

The 29th? Gee, I'm planning to be there THIS Saturday, the 15th. Came right home and wrote it on my calendar. Was really excited; thought maybe we'd hit Chilis after...oh well, boo hoo to me

And yes, everyone knows Danielle SMELLS yarn. She's got color sensors in her nose.

Knitique Girl said...

Well you can be here this Saturday, we are having the FREE Margarita Washcloth Class from 3-5pm so we'd love for you to join the fun. Maybe we can even hit a Chili's when we are done.

ByJane said...

What size needles shall I bring?????