Friday, November 14, 2008

FO Friday

* Danger Will Robinson, this post is laden with pictures. For those using dial up, or have a slow computer, I'm so sorry, but the pictures are worth every moment of uploading*
First up, I forgot to mention yesterday, our FREE washcloth class this Saturday, November 15th from 3-5pm. Be sure to give us a call at 916 947 1463 to save your spot, as space is limited. I've taken a variegated Cotton Yarn, and combined it with a stitch that has movement. In this free class you'll learn, what a multiple of the stitch means, as well as how to take the washcloth pattern and turn it into a baby blanket, or even an adult size blanket. Come one, come all, and enjoy the fun of washcloths. It's a perfect gift paired with Handmade soap available at Knitique, perfect for just a little something for a co-worker, family friend, or even for yourself.

Next on the line up, we've got some GORGEOUS finished objects. Jeannie has been very prolific making baby hats for her sister's new granddaughter, or great granddaughter, I'm not sure which it is.

All three of these hats were created mostly with a new yarn in our shop. To say it's a popular yarn is an understatement. What's lovely about Berroco Comfort, is it's made out of synthetic fibers (I can't believe I'm say it's lovely. You all know I'm a natural fiber girl) but it's a super soft acrylic -nylon blend, which gets even more soft when you wash it. It has No wool in it, which makes it perfect for those who have skin allergies, or for a gift for someone you aren't sure of. To top it all off, it's machine washable and dryable. I've got another shipment of it coming in Tuesday. Apparently, it's been so successful that Berroco is having a hard time keeping it in stock. They are expecting a major refill of colors mid December, but we are bringing in all that they have in the meantime.

The top hat is based on Ann Norling's Fruit and Veggie hat. I love the attention to detail that Jeannie has. The i-cord worm looks perfect with his glass bead. What boy wouldn't like a worm attached to his hat?

The second and third hats are adorable adjustable hats.
In our All Skills class, every Wednesday from 12-2 Jeannie has been learning to wrestle her crochet skills into shape and has started to create the beautiful flowers that adorn these hats. It's amazing how a little accessories can stretch a long way.

Did you know that Knitique is a full service shop. What does that mean for you? Don't want to knit, or don't have time, we've got a lovely group of women who knit for hire. Do you like knitting, but hate to sew everything together? We've got someone who would love to do that for you. Need your projects blocked? We've got two people on our team who can block like nobodies business. No matter what your needs are we are here to serve you, to make you happy and to have customers and friends for life.

Our resident, super-fast, super-talented knit4hire extraordinaire, Annette whipped this Christmas Stocking out for a customer, for her last grandchild, Chris. Again, this is made out of Berroco Comfort.

And remember Sue, from last week? She not only finished her Sideways Baby Cardigan for a beautiful baby (ok, she still has cute blue truck buttons to sew on) she finished those ginormous socks for her nephew, Big Foot. The Blue Baby Cardigan was out of a lovely self striping sock yarn we regularly carry at the shop. At the moment, the name escapes me but, I'll fill in the details when I get to the shop.
As a comparison, I've place the large socks, next to my not-so-delicate size 7 sock. Not much of a difference, eh. See what I mean when I said it was a labor of love? The large manly socks were made of of Opals Harry Potter, Half Blood Prince Collection, Hedwig Colorway. You've got to come in to see how BEAUTIFUL, this self-patterning yarn is.

and last but not least Knitting Daily has finally come to Sacramento. Check out Lisette's blog for all the details. Make sure to look around and explore her blog, she's got lots of good tidbits of information, and of course I love that she loves all things British, and French.


ByJane said...

This post is a visual and mental bonanza. So much to look at! So much to laugh at! So much to ponder!
I had no idea you were such a Full Service shop. Ummm, I'm a single woman living along--what can you do for me?

Knitique Girl said...

hmmm, we could knit you a mean pair of thong underwear to wear out in this hot single town of elk grove.

how's your washcloth coming?